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This innovative adaptation of The Selfish Giant can be a valuable resource when utilized in the classroom.  Language arts teacher will find Oscar Wilde's eloquent text to be the perfect tool to introduce young readers to important literary concepts like metaphor, personification, irony and many others.  Art students will be inspired by award-winning artist Chris Beatrice's masterful display of techniques such as scale, perspective, and the use of light.  Music educators will find a treasure trove of musical lessons ready to be mined in composer Dan Goeller's musical score.  Distinguishing between high and low pitch, major and minor harmonies, as well as learning about musical concepts such as timbre, rhythm and melody are just the beginning.  All lesson plans are developed in accordance with national education standards.  New lessons are being developed on an ongoing basis and are provided free of charge, courtesy of publisher Noteworthy Books, so be sure to check back often. 

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